R & D

Research & design team work continuously all round the year on the latest fashion trends & forecasts. These forecasts are region specific & add sustainable fashion elements to the collections of each label associated.


They go hand-in-hand, we specialize at finding the right product at the right price assuring high quality standard for the products that not only add to the brand value but also fit into the brand image. In today’s trend of fast fashion we understand how important it is to sustain competitiveness with brands each season hence we ensure sharp prices for the products.


We make it a point that whenever we ship the goods, there is no compromise on quality. We have an independent quality assurance team that functions as a third-party quality inspection agency. We have a quality check points starting from fabric, pilot, in-line, mid-line & final inspection. No shipment leaves without its being signed off by our quality inspector irrespective of whether it is sampling or bulk production.

Business Ethics

We maintain total transparency with our clients on all aspects with pro-active approach on all areas of operation starting with sourcing, product development, production, quality control, shipment and  logistics.